Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taking in the Home Show

We went to a home show last night. It wasn't a big home show - after all it is September and Fall here in Canada not Spring when people are thinking more about renovation. We did manage to find something to buy (always a good thing in this woman's books!). We bought a little steamer mop. Instead of washing my floor now I just steam it clean. Makes life a lot easier and this wife happier!

So there I was on a Friday night (my favorite day of the week) at 10:00 at night - cleaning my kitchen and dining room floors! When I got up this morning - they looked sparkly!!!

Important tip for today: This was not a gift - it was a purchase chosen by both of us. There is a difference between this and what a man buys for a woman as a gift. Gifts are just for her. Items like this are for the home and therefore a tool that the home needs to make it run efficiently.

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