Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marriage Teamwork

We had a birthday party at our house last night complete with goodie bags, balloons, noisemakers, a really yummy dinner and chocolate raspberry cake with candles. (We skipped the party hats although I was tempted to buy tiaras for the birthday girls!) There were two birthday girls - ok, they aren't really girls - they are mature women in the prime of their lives and careers.

My husband and I shared the meal cooking, we had out our best china and it was an 'event'. The Jazz music was playing in the background.

It is nice to take on an event like this together and honor someone else. The birthday girls told us they had a lot of fun however I think much of the fun came for Helmuth and me in the preparing the event and working together on it. It certainly made 'this wife' happy! I double checked with my husband and he said "I love doing that kind of stuff with you, you know that!"

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