Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Do I Make My Wife Happy?

The question is often repeated "How do I make my wife happy?" Have you ever discussed your roles in your marriage with your wife? Have you ever sat down and defined what jobs you do and what jobs she does? Sometimes when couples are in difficulties it is because the role wasn't clearly defined and understood by each partner. Here is a strategy that can help you make your wife happy....more

The link will take you to the article I have just posted on my website. It will give you some helpful hints to improving your marriage - whether your marriage is already good and you want it to be great or whether you are fumbling around trying to figure out this relationship thing!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Never too long married to Flirt

My friend said to me the other day, don't call me on my cell, text me. It's cheaper. So I've started texting. And I'm not a teenager!

I've been reading in the paper that people are flirtexting! Now doesn't that sound like fun? Instead of leaving little love notes around the house on postit notes - now I can send little love notes to my honey and only he will get them. And he can do the same. After all this is definitely a way he can make his wife happy. Someone called it Textual Intercourse. I don't think you are ever too old to flirt with your wife.

Motorola did a study. Christina Montgomery of Canwest News Service reported that 42% of young people (18 - 34) woo through text messaging in Canada. 35% use Facebook or Instant Messaging. And the newspaper also said that "just over one in 10 Canadians 55 or older use Facebook (15%) or instant messaging (12%) to flirt. In a surprising finding, a full 10 % of all ages would drop the hint that the romance was over by simply changing their dating status on Facebook, according to the pole.

Want to try it? Here are a few suggestions. Send me any others you might think would be great to share.

Drink l8r?

Luv u!

want 2 grab a latte l8r?

GTH4U (got the hots for you)

W2BAI (want to be an item?)

C4U (crazy for you)

:-*( (I want more than a kiss on the cheek)

My advice - just say things that she will understand. If you are new to texting some of the above statements will go right over her head - and miss her heart completely.

Flirtext responsibly!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Date Night in The Living Room

Here's a few great ideas to make your wife happy and yourself happier. I just read about a couple of them in a magazine (and I came up with the second two) and I have to tell you - if it was my husband suggesting these things - I'd be happy. PS. He is making me happy right now - while I'm working away on the computer he is out planting new strawberry plants....can't wait for the strawberry shortcake in June!!!!

Here are the ideas that can be done after you push all the furniture in the living room back.

Idea number one. Take her to a dance. Put your favorite music on and take her dancing right in the middle of the living room floor. What fun! Add a few truffles and maybe a glass of the bubbly. What a great way to play!

Idea number two. End the dance with a "sleep over" in the living room. Pull out the foamy, a couple of sheets and a duvet and enjoy the living room floor. You can add your own details to your sleep over.

Idea number three. In the morning - you can serve her breakfast in bed on the floor - hey I know! try strawberries and waffles for a real treat. Don't forget the whipped cream!

Idea number four. Toss a coin to see who is going to clean up the living room and wipe up the whipping cream that went astray.

Have fun! And remember - if you want more ideas about how to make your wife happier - and yourself too - go to my website and you will find many awesome suggestions in both things to do and ways to act and communicate!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Appreciate the moment!

The key to happiness is to appreciate the moment - yes - the one that you are in right now. Sometimes I forget this. And when I do, it doesn't matter what anyone around me says or does I cannot find happiness. I had a day like that yesterday. I found myself worrying about all the things that I thought were lacking in my life. And when a person gets on that bandwagon - a lot of things can appear to be lacking.

I will spare you the details of my discontent but I will tell you it was painful!

This morning though I have woken up with a new attitude. I gave myself a talking to before I went to sleep last night and when I woke up I remembered all the wonderful things that are happening in my life. Of course its easy when one wakes up scrunched between husband and pet dog! Oh yeah, I have a great husband and a wonderful little furry companion! And as I lay there in the early hours of the morning, before the light had broken and even before the birds had began singing, I thought to myself "Laurie, you need to stay grounded in the moment." And I asked myself "What are the things that are working for you now?" The funny thing is...the list was longer than the disadvantaged list I was working on yesterday.

Perhaps I just had spring fever. Like my grandson on Facebook who posted last night "I'm soooo bored!"

My message for you all - out there reading this on whatever day in whatever season it is for you at this moment of reading - is celebrate the moment. Celebrate all that you have right this very moment. When you are happy, you are happy just because it comes up from your very essence. And when you are happy, others around you can feel it and often others want to be around you because of your happiness.

I'm going to enjoy this day, for this day's sake. And I'm going to share my enjoyment with my husband and anyone else who shows up in my life today. How about you? Will you do the same? This blog may be about 'how to make my wife happy' and its my job to remind you again, you have to start with you! So, here is my benediction to you. Go out and be happy. Appreciate the moment. Carpe Diem!