Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nine Phrases Every Man Should Understand

Here is a must see for every husband out there. Its a cute little video and it made me smile because I have heard myself say these.

How did I find this video? On Stumble Upon. I'll tell you a little secret; my web browser is Mozilla Firefox. "Stumble Upon" is a program that runs on Firefox apparently (and not on Explorer). Being a member of Stumble Upon allows you to click and see a new website. Its fun and it saves wondering how to find new sites on a particular subject. If I like a site I can add it to Stumble and then other people will see it too.

Someone put my website on Stumble Upon, and now I am waiting for someone to add my blog to Stumble. It generates a lot of traffic! (I don't think you can put your own site on or I would have.)

Have a great day and may you still clear of 8 of those 9 words explained on the video!

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