Friday, March 4, 2011

Take Good Phone Messages

Take good phone messages if you want to gain good marks with your wife. It's simple really.

Make your wife happy by taking clear and accurate phone messages.

Have a note pad and a pen in an easy to find spot.

Some people have a white board for family messages and everyone in the family checks it when they come in. Others use a notepad affixed to their fridge.

Write down the name of the person and a short note such as "needs a ride tomorrow" or "book club Saturday. Call her." You could also add the time they called. Getting a clear message will make your wife happy!

If you have call display you don't need to write down the phone number but if you don't - please double check the numbers are correct.

If the language is your second language this can be especially important because I know you are doing more work because you are translating those numbers!

Of course you can always ignore the ringing phone and let voicemail or the answering machine pick up.