Monday, September 1, 2008

Long Weekend

Its a long weekend and its Monday morning. We're just lazing about enjoying the sunshine and the quietness of the day. I'm sitting with a knitted blanket on my legs, a laptop computer on my lap (where else?) and a dog cuddled up beside me. Helmuth is sitting close by, reading the paper and reporting to me the important things I need to know from it. Its an idyllic kind of morning.

How could a wife be happier?
I guess a cup of coffee would be nice...and its my husband that is brewing it! mmmm...

Tonight we are looking forward to having friends over to play cards with us. We haven't had a good card game for a few months now. We were golfing with them last week. This is a couple that I used to golf with daily a few years back when both Yvonne and I were off for the summer (I was teaching at a college and she was teaching in an elementary school). Those were the years when my golf score actually improved! Now, when we go out, we often don't even count our score! But we will be keeping score at cards messing around here....I'm a serious card player!!!!

If you have a holiday where you live, I hope that you are making the most of it and that you and your wife and your whole family can find things to do to make you happy and to celebrate life.

Love from
Your Happy Relationship Mentors

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