Friday, September 12, 2008

I Love Friday Nights

I love Friday nights because it is the beginning of 2 days marked for fun, relaxation and doing something different than we typically do from Monday to Friday. Friday night always finds us spending some time with friends - for dinner or a drink - tonight we are having a friend over who we haven't seen for awhile and we just called him up and said "It's time" and he agreed.

The weather is still nice in this part of the world so our friends who have bikes will be out on the highways feeling the call of the "wild" over the next couple of days. Our weekend will be different. Helmuth is taking a course related to his spirituality and I will be working with our local federal candidate to get him re-elected in our elections which are coming up on Oct 14th.

That's two of the ways that my husband keeps me happy. We do lots and lots of stuff together but we also follow our own interests and do things on our own. And we celebrate Friday nights together!

Have a great weekend.

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