Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On one of the advice sites, a young man asked how he could make a good impression on a young woman he wanted to ask out for a date. The answer is universal. How do we make a good impression on another person? And your question might be “How do I sustain that good impression?” Here is the answer I gave that young man:

Be interested in her. Ask her questions about herself and listen to the answers. Treat her as a special person and remember her likes and dislikes. Be polite to her. Tell her about what is important to you. Share your feelings with her.

Dress neatly and tidily. Make sure your nails are clean and your smile is glistening ... oh and that your breath smells fresh. (To you husbands out there - don’t get rid of that breath freshener once you are married – keep using it!)

When you like someone, it will show. Spending time with her and treating her with respect is always a good start. Invite her to come to events that you will be at...a sports game...a pep rally....a chess club...whatever you are doing. (Ok, you are married now and want to make your wife happy and so the same rule applies - do things together that you both enjoy - not just what you want her to like to do with you.)

So, for what it is worth – that was my advice. For all you husbands who want to make your wife happy – remember she fell in love with you - did you change your behavior once you married? Better think about that and remember all the great things you used to do (and it works both ways, doesn’t it?)

Have a great day and smile!