Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mixed Weather Forecast - Mixed Communication Messages

Today is a funny day weather wise - on my way in to town to see a client this morning the radio was reporting electrical outages all over the island. There had been great winds and yet where we live we were sheltered and never heard or felt anything! It was raining when I got up but by the time I was in the car driving to town the sun was shining. Coming back home later in the day the sun was still shining but the rain was falling hard enough I had to put on the wipers. BUT the sun was shining. A very confusing and mixed messages kind of day.

And how does that have anything to do with keeping your wife happy? I guess it has to do with the mixed messages. Don't give them.

Susan and Tom were husband and wife and they were having communication problems when they came to see me. Tom complained that Susan wasn't very polite to his friends. She said that she never said a bad word. Tom agreed. It wasn't the words she was saying, it was how she was acting. Her body language was screaming that his friends shouldn't be visiting while her words were sweet. No one felt comfortable.

We spent time dealing with the deeper issues and to make a long story short Susan decided that if those issues were dealt with then she could work on making her actions and her words say the same thing.

Do men do that? Do you ever do that? Say one thing and act another way? If you are saying yes or maybe to this question it could be time to take an inventory and address the issues that are underneath the mixed messages on the surface.

Don't have it raining when it should be a sun shiny day!

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