Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Day In The Life

It is going to be a busy day for us today.

I started my day out by journaling and reflecting. I guess I've reached that age where I would rather write and reflect than jump out of bed and take action! Then I always like to spend a bit of time on the computer doing all the little tasks I have to do and this one is one of my favorite parts of the tasks!

After breakfast we are off to our church. It is a new one that we are going to and it is amazing. There are a lot of fabulous benefits to being a part of a community of faith and I must tell you that we come away from the service bouncing in anticipation for the upcoming week and putting our faith into action. (Note: If you aren't coming out of your church with the same bounce, I suggest checking out some others. It worked for us!)

This afternoon we are attending a Craft Fair at a Senior's residence. I sit on their board and I like to attend there events and support them. There are some fabulously talented people who sell their crafts and there are some others who just work judiciously to be a part of it. I just enjoy being there and chatting with the residents and staff. (I usually buy some things I can use as little gifts throughout the year.)

The third event on our agenda today is a wine and cheese to meet the candidate in our riding who is up for re-election to our federal government. Both Canada and the United States are having elections in the next little while. And maybe other countries too. Our media is so heavily tied into the people south of our border that we pretty much know what is going on with them just as much as we do our own country. Anyway, this little event this afternoon is only an hour for folks to come out and meet our candidate. Helmuth and my job has been to liaise with the hostess and our campaign office. We'll be there early to help set up and greet the guests. We've done a few of these now and although the numbers aren't high - I think we have to re-think our way of inviting people - by personal invitation instead of by mail drop - they are a great way for people to meet the candidate in a personal manner.

Helmuth and I both like to get involved with volunteer organizations and there are some committees he is on and some that I am on that we don't do together, and then there are things we do together. Today will be a nice together day.

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