Friday, April 24, 2009

Never too long married to Flirt

My friend said to me the other day, don't call me on my cell, text me. It's cheaper. So I've started texting. And I'm not a teenager!

I've been reading in the paper that people are flirtexting! Now doesn't that sound like fun? Instead of leaving little love notes around the house on postit notes - now I can send little love notes to my honey and only he will get them. And he can do the same. After all this is definitely a way he can make his wife happy. Someone called it Textual Intercourse. I don't think you are ever too old to flirt with your wife.

Motorola did a study. Christina Montgomery of Canwest News Service reported that 42% of young people (18 - 34) woo through text messaging in Canada. 35% use Facebook or Instant Messaging. And the newspaper also said that "just over one in 10 Canadians 55 or older use Facebook (15%) or instant messaging (12%) to flirt. In a surprising finding, a full 10 % of all ages would drop the hint that the romance was over by simply changing their dating status on Facebook, according to the pole.

Want to try it? Here are a few suggestions. Send me any others you might think would be great to share.

Drink l8r?

Luv u!

want 2 grab a latte l8r?

GTH4U (got the hots for you)

W2BAI (want to be an item?)

C4U (crazy for you)

:-*( (I want more than a kiss on the cheek)

My advice - just say things that she will understand. If you are new to texting some of the above statements will go right over her head - and miss her heart completely.

Flirtext responsibly!

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