Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love you more than....

He: "I love you more than all the stars in the sky."
She: "I love you more than all the snowflakes that have ever fallen onto the earth."
He: "I love you more than all the Oreo cookies ever made!"

It is a silly little game that Yvonne and Paul play and Yvonne laughed as she told me "You can really feel the love!"

Yvonne and Paul play it all the time: while driving in the car, while walking the dog, while cleaning up the supper dishes. Yvonne was telling me about it and had me playing this game over a game of cards last night.

Some husbands I know of say "I told you when I married you I loved you and if I change my mind, I'll let you know." For some people - actually for a few people - that may be all they need but I want to tell you that for most people - especially women - they need to hear it more often. Yes, I know, actions speak louder than words, but we still need to hear the words. Tell her "I love you" anytime of the day or night and anywhere you are. Yes, back it up with actions but please tell her.

Ways you can tell her "I love you":
  1. whisper it in her ear
  2. yell it to her in the other room
  3. write it on the top of a cake
  4. put it into a poem
  5. buy a card with it in it
  6. have it written in the sky
  7. put it on a billboard
  8. carve it into wood
  9. tramp it in the snow (that would be an accomplishment....take a picture and send it to me!)
  10. write it on the wet sand of a beach
  11. paint it on a canvas
  12. cut the letters out of a magazine and tape them onto the fridge.
I love you more than the number of blogs on the can you feel the love?

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