Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Is Coming!

It is the countdown to Valentine's Day. My most favorite day of the year!

I'm so excited - I love Valentine's Day!

All the women in the whole wide world - ok, ok....I'll start that again.....

Many women in the Western Hemisphere are as excited as I am! Full of anticipation. What wonderful, romantic thing is our husband/bf going to do for us this Valentine's day?

I know you men aren't that excited but we women are!

I'm making Valentine Cookies for my husband as a surprise (unless he peeks at this post) and then I've got a little trip to the beach planned - maybe some name writing in the sand.... and oh, yes, I do know what he has planned. It involves going out and a steak dinner with entertainment. He found a 'deal' and thinks it would be fun. We'll have fun! So our day and evening is planned!

Have you got a plan yet? Even a small box of chocolates and candles on the dinner table will help!

I've got a great idea for you to do. It is one of the bonuses on the How to Make Your Wife Happy website. This just might be the right time to check it out and the eBook "97 Steps to a Happy Relationship" which will really come in handy at this time of year and all year round if you want to be a good husband and keep your wife happy or make that special woman in your life happy!

Have a romantic, wonderful, awesome, and happy Valentine's Day! (I told you I was excited!)

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