Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Romantic Names

The people at Make Sweet been trying to come up with good romantic nicknames. It isn't as easy as it sounds. Most of the lists lying around online are rather dull. Here's what they've got so far:

* Chuckle-cheeks. For someone who seems to be always laughing.

* Goose-bumps. For someone a little silly who tends to trip over things, or someone who sends a shiver down your spine, or both.

* Snugglepuss. For someone who makes you want to cuddle up with them like a cat.

* Dumble-dear. For a fan of the Harry Potter series.

* Pookie-snooks. For someone whose nose you want to stroke.

* Poptart. For someone musical and sweet. Actually the meaning of this one is subject to interpretation ;-)

* Jiggles McJiggypants. For somebody who can't sit still.

* Twinkle-toes. A good, or terrible, dancer.

* Nuzzle-nose. Like pookie-snooks except nuzzlier.

* Snoopy. For a cute little puppy.

* Poopy. For a cuter littler puppy (so young and cute they maybe aren't even house-trained yet).

* Fox-trot. Someone foxy you'd like to dance with.

* Sweetmeat. This is just another word for candy/sweets, but it sounds quite... tasty.

* Happy-feet. Like twinkle-toes, except feetier.

* Shivers O'Chestnuts. This is actually pretty bad.

* Sir/Madam Laughs-a-Lot. This is even worse.

* Shiny-eyes. Someone with a gleam in their eye.

* Sparkles. Someone who lights up a room.

* Fishbreath. Use only if you can say it lovingly enough to distract from its actual meaning.

They have some other fun stuff on their site that you might like to explore. I found it and started playing and well, it put a dint in my day! But it was fun!

Let me know what pet names you use. I'm pretty boring I guess - I just use 'honey' and 'Sweetie Pie' but when my son was a baby he was 'pumpkin' - I've never understood why or where I picked that one up!

Have fun, fishbreath - oops I mean, Sparkles!

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