Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Relationship Mentors At Home

When I read websites and articles on the Internet I always wonder about the people who are writing the articles. And sometimes they tell me and I am happy. And so, for all of you who are wondering about us, I thought I'd tell you a few facts that will help you picture us.

We are Canadians! (and Canada has just won 18 medals at the Beijing Summer Olympics! Yaay!)

We live in a beautiful little city on the tip of an island on the western side of the continent. We live in a pretty little house which is surrounded by Maple, Oak, Arbutus and Fir trees. Out our kitchen window is a waterfall! Not too far a walk from our front door is a path up a hill that affords a view of the city and the harbor. And yet we live in a suburb of the city with neighbours all around us too!

We live here with our dog, Jujube (see picture). Our children are grown up and have not lived at home for many years now. We do enjoy the grandchildren visits!

Although Helmuth has lived on three continents, I have only lived in one 500 mile area. Its exciting working on the 'net now and connecting with people from around the world.

We like to spend our time together and I (Laurie) will testify that my husband knows how to make me happy. I do my best to reciprocate.

We are both introverts (people who recharge their batteries by being on their own) but we do like to socialize and have a network of good friends for dinner parties, vacations, games nights and just generally hanging out.

We only met 14 years ago and have been happily married (second time for both of us) for 11 of those years. It took me a fair amount of talking to convince my man that marriage was a better option than just moving in together. And I did convince him. And if you ask him - he'll tell you he has no regrets!

I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of us.

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