Friday, August 22, 2008

Our romantic cruise

How to Make your Wife Happy

Last night my husband took me on a dinner cruise.

The limo arrived after work and whisked us, with several friends, to the waterfront.

On the boat, there was a 2 piece jazz combo playing. We had our own table and shared a bottle of Champagne. The meal was wonderful, maybe it was the Champagne, maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was the delicious salmon or the blueberry cheesecake.

Cruising past the night lights of the city is so romantic!

I just love being on the water.

My husband doesn’t so much! But he knows what I like and he wanted to be romantic.

To keep your wife happy sometimes requires doing something that isn’t your first choice but you know that it will fulfill one of her dreams. One of the husbands on the cruise last night said “I love to surprise my wife” and his wife just snuggled closer and smiled.

I have often heard one member of a marriage saying to me “It’s not that my partner isn’t a nice person, its just that they don’t set off any fireworks for me anymore.” Partners in a marriage get complacent. They forget that the marriage is about both parties. And so, the partnership starts to waver and falter. It can also end.

One husband understood the value of doing things together and bought season’s tickets to his favorite sporting event for him and his wife. What he didn’t understand was that she didn’t like sports and had no interest in being a part of that weekly event. What he forgot to do was to focus on an activity that they both enjoyed to do together.

If you want to keep your wife happy, you need to remember that there are two people in the relationship – not just one – not just you! Take time to enjoy each other’s company. Let your wife know how much you enjoy her company.


We also took pictures and will put one or two up once we get home and can upload them.

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