Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spend Summer Together to Make Your Wife Happy

It is important to know when to do things separately and when to do things together. A sense of independence is a good thing as long as it is complemented with lots of quality time together. When there is too much time spent apart, you cannot make your wife happy and your marriage can be in danger of ending.

Gord developed a life of his own and he didn't spend much time with his young wife and growing family. Gord liked to play pool and drink beer after work and on the weekends at the corner bar by his workplace. Sarah liked to sing in a choir, volunteer with a senior's organization and read stacks of library books. When Gord was at home, he watched sports on TV and Sarah read in another room. The children moved in and around the two separated parents. Looking back on it both Gord and Sarah admit that neither husband nor wife were happy.

Then something miraculous happened. They bought a summer place on a lake not too far from the town in which they lived. The family started to spend weekends together; then they started to meet their neighbors and their social life became family events at the lake and in town with their "lakee" neighbors.

Life in the summer was spent renovating the cottage, waterskiing, visiting and eating around the evening campfires. Life in the winter included social events with the same people.

Sarah and Gord's marriage turned from one of a lot of separateness into one of combined bliss! Gord was truly making his wife happy by spending time with her and the children.

Its a good story - and a true story and I was reminded it of it as the hot summer sun is shining into my studio window. Gord had learned how to make his wife and family happy and in the process became much happier himself.

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