Monday, May 24, 2010

Wives, Waves, and A Good Day on The Ocean

Marriage, or any relationship for that matter, can be compared to the waves that you see on the ocean. There are some days when our marriage is going along smoothly just like a nice calm day on the ocean. We think that it is utopia and we enjoy the bliss this day can bring. But then a wind comes along and blows the water around and soon we have waves getting bigger and bigger. These waves can be compared to the emotions and disagreements that two people can find effect their relationship. Some days the water can be quite choppy! And we wonder how we will make it though. You may find yourself wondering "How can I make my wife happy?" There are seasons on the ocean....ones where the clouds come in and stay for days and weeks on end, but then there are refreshing rains and lots of sunshine at other times.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is natural for there to be ups and downs, stormy weather, calm times and everything in between in a marriage. Don't despair because things might not be going as smoothly today as they were yesterday. That time can come again. You and your wife can be happy again.

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Oh! Oh! Watch out! Here comes a breaker! Hold on! (lol!)

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