Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! All you men out there who want to please your wife know that this is a special day for the women of North America and beyond! Its the perfect day for all you men who are wondering "how to make my wife happy".

I will tell you that you don't have to spend money on your wife and that your actions are the important thing. And having said that I also have to say that my wonderful husband bought me a dozen long stemmed pink roses 4 days before Valentine's Day for me to enjoy all week long and then today he gave me a wonderful card that brought tears to my eyes. He handed it to me along with the cup of coffee he had made for me to start my day.

Very romantic? I think so! My husband knows how to make his wife happy!

He doesn't like me buying him cards and presents so I didn't. It was hard because I like to do that, but I knew that he wouldn't be pleased. And not receiving anything did please him. And I got a hug for it!!!

Supper tonight? Something romantic at home where we both want to be - together with no disturbances!

Important fact to remember: what is it that your wife wants to make her happy? What will make a woman happy is having a husband or lover who thinks about what she wants and doing those things that she has told you she likes.

I hope your Valentine's finds your relationship in good health and the two of you finding ways to please each other.

And don't forget, if you need more ideas, just click here to take you to a great many more concrete ideas that you can use to make your wife happy.

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