Saturday, July 4, 2009

Perfect Love

We are all seeking a perfect love.

When you first meet and fall in love with the person of your dreams your old brain (that part of your brain that is the most basic part of that very complicated computer system in your head) expects to find someone who will meet all the needs and desires. Those needs and desires that your parents met when you were a tiny baby.

When you first meet someone they are usually on their best behavior and everything is so great (thinks your old brain) because you have finally found someone just like mama who did all those wonderful things for you.

Of course the problems come when the two of you make a commitment and you both go back to being yourselves. No more best behavior, no more doing it all for the other person. People invariably settle back and human nature is such that we think the other one will continue to cater to our every (expressed or unexpressed) desire. It is not so of course and then there is trouble in paradise.

...To be continued...

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